#5 (Rated: -51)
<~Kyle> I've only got $10 :/
<~Eric> i thought you were rich
<~Eric> oh wait, that was BEFORE you bought adobe suite

#11 (Rated: -43)
[12:12am] <&AlastorMoody> A highlight for my name has been left in here, please leave your name and number with a description of the question/situation and I will get back to you as soon as possible. "Please hold for the next customer representative... wait time estimated 2> minutes."
[12:15am] <&Apex> Lol .…
[12:15am] <&Apex> Um
[12:15am] <&Eric> AlastorMoody
[12:15am] <&Eric> AlastorMoody
[12:15am] <&Eric> AlastorMoody
[12:15am] <&AlastorMoody> oh hi
[12:15am] <&Eric> I haz problem wif Mac
[12:16am] <&Eric> u canz halp?
[12:16am] <&AlastorMoody> you... YOU? ERIC? are using...
[12:16am] <&AlastorMoody> a mac?!
[12:16am] <&AlastorMoody> ...
[12:16am] <&Eric> yez
[12:16am] <&Eric> i foundz it in a dumpsta
[12:16am] <&AlastorMoody> what kind of Mac? lol
[12:17am] <&Eric> mac bok
[12:17am] <&AlastorMoody> the old plastic one? and whats wrong with it
[12:19am] <&Apex> Lol!
[12:22am] <&Eric> i bot it up yes
[12:22am] <&Eric> i login
[12:22am] <&Eric> teh mouz stawts moving
[12:22am] <&Eric> and ten
[12:22am] <&Eric> window poops up
[12:22am] <&Eric> sais
[12:23am] <&Eric> "h4cked by r4z0r, bitch"
[12:23am] <&Eric> and i tink
[12:23am] <&Eric> razor dont hack
[12:23am] <&Eric> razor cut
[12:23am] <&Eric> y dis happen AlastorMoody ?
[12:24am] <@subo84> O_O
[12:24am] <@subo84> lol
[12:24am] <&Apex> Lmao!!

#9 (Rated: -40)
<~Amanda> Apex: do you really think i give a ****?
<@peer> yes
<@peer> i think you give *****

#8 (Rated: -35)
[9:42pm] <&peer> Spanky how old are you
[9:42pm] <Spanky> 18
[9:42pm] <&peer> no you're not
[9:42pm] <&peer> you're 12
[9:42pm] <Spanky> fuck off
[9:43pm] * Spanky (lightIRC@iDentity-615500CE.bb.sky.com) Quit (User has been banned from iPocalypse (You must be at least 14 years of age to connect to this network. Sorry! If you wish to appeal this ban, visit http://www.ipocalypse.net/ircbans )))

#4 (Rated: -34)
<Greggaz> Vista, do you fail?
<Vista> very often
<Greggaz> thought so
<Greggaz> Thats why i Chose Windows 7
<Vista> /me thinks so

#10 (Rated: -28)
[11:30pm] <~TheRock> i wish i was a airbender
[11:30pm] <~TheRock> i would airbend my butt to Apex
[11:31pm] <Killa> lol....what...lmao

#3 (Rated: -14)
Nick_D: I haven't read the manual, and I know there's a ton of s*** I can do on here that I just don't know about
Ares: Reading manuals just takes fun out of things. Eff that.

#6 (Rated: -13)
<shaggysi0>but youre probs asleep nao >_<
<Kyle>Heyyy baby
<shaggysi0>hey gorgeous
<shaggysi0>....not that I've ever actually seen you so I can't really comment on that...:s
<shaggysi0>but the font you use is sexy :D

#7 (Rated: -3)
4:12pm] <~Eric> how many Kiewiis does it take to screw in a light bulb
[4:13pm] <Kiewii> 919?
[4:13pm] <~Eric> 911
[4:13pm] <~Eric> lolol
[4:13pm] <~Eric> cmon i thought you'd get that!
[4:14pm] <~Eric> it's your favorite number

#1 (Rated: 1)
<@bb9viewer> i'm more famous then jesus lol

#2 (Rated: 25)
<~snarky> does this mean I have to think before I talk?
<@Karol> snarky: no, you don't have to think before you talk. but saying "oh I'm pregnant" is something that requires thinking
<~snarky> rofl
<@Karol> and tests