United States Round Robin:
Server: Location: Flash IPv6: Status: Atlanta, Georgia Online East Lansing, Michigan Online Seattle, Washington FAULT
Europe Round Robin:
Server: Location: Flash IPv6: Status: Amsterdam, Netherlands Online

Below is a list of ports that can be used to access the network. There are several ports for “standard” connection. Generally, 6667 is used for a “standard” connection and 6697 for an “SSL” connection.

Available Ports
Connection Type Port(s)
Standard 6660, 6661, 6662, 6663, 6664, 6665, 6666, 6667, 6668, 6669, 7029
SSL 6697

There are various round robins available that can be used to connect to the network. Connect using one if it is appropriate for your situation. Look at the purpose of the round robin before using it.

Round Robins
Round Robin Purpose Round robin of all active servers. Round robin of all servers that are running a Flash Policy daemon and are compatible with the Flash IRC client. Round robin of all IPv6 servers. Only contains IPv6 addresses. To connect to a specific server, use; e.g.:
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