Terms of Service

Network Terms of Service (TOS)

Last Updated: 08/07/2013

iPocalypse is intended as a friendly chat network, bringing together a community and enabling users of all ages and interests to chat with each other in a pleasant environment. The Network Staff enforce the following rules to make this possible:

I. User Conduct

  1. Hate speech (racism and malicious personal attacks on other users on subject such as religious beliefs) will NOT be tolerated on this network. Any such action will result in a ban or a kill depending on the seriousness of the offense and the judgment of the network staff.
  2. Any nickname/username/ident/host that is considered highly offensive, profane, vulgar, or obscene is generally not allowed. Channel mode +G does not filter these and we prevent most vulgar, profane and obscene nicks from being used.
  3. Any sort of evasion of channel bans is not tolerated. Users who do this will be subject to more powerful network-wide bans and possible legal litigation. Users who do this with a vhost (iHost) shall have it removed indefinitely. The integrity of the network is important, and this rule is enforced very strictly.
  4. /amsgs or /ames that contain spam or pointless messages, or are just away scripts, are not permitted if you are in 10 or more channels.
  5. Harassment is taken very seriously. Disputes will inevitably arise in channels; however if it spreads to multiple channels and users complain, it becomes a network issue. IRCOps will attempt to work out disputes between users by advising them to use /ignore and to avoid each other as much as possible. However, if it gets to the point where both users are told to leave each other alone and not speak to or refer to each other in any way to others, disciplinary action will be taken. Every user on iPocalypse has the right to sign on to a harassment-free environment.
  6. While users may not always agree with staff decisions, there are proper places to address the issue. If the complaint is a policy complaint, the Feedback forum on our message boards is the place to address it. If it is a complaint about a staff member, please contact an Executive Root Network Admin. We also have an appeal section on our forums and any ban or action considered to be in error can be appealed there.
  7. Whilst the iPocalyse IRC Network does allow users to Private Message each other, it is considered good IRC “etiquette” to ask permission of the user before doing so. We ask that you adhere to this practice. If the other party has given you permission to Private Message them freely on any occasion, this is acceptable. However, Private Messaging of staff or users without their prior consent is a reportable offence and in this case the iPocalypse Staff reserve the right to undertake disciplinary action with those in violation of this ruling.

II. Malware

  1. No spam bots, drones, or malicious scripts are allowed in any channel at any time. ‘Useful’ bot scripts that change the topic, etc. are allowed, as long as they are only executed in your personal channel or within a channel where you have obtained the owner’s consent. Such scripts are offered by certain users. Ask in #ipocalypse or #scripting.
  2. The network may not be used to advertise or distribute malware, viruses, and/or malicious software that could harm or infect any user’s computer.

III. Illegal material

  1. We will NOT tolerate anything illegal behavior on iPocalypse. Laws that apply in the off-line world apply online too! We will not be held responsible for illegal behavior. We do not condone, or allow sharing of illegal and/or stolen content, including but not limited to music, movies or applications, etc. File sharing is strictly prohibited.
  2. The network may not be used in any way to promote or distribute illicit sexual material such as child pornography or any material harmful to minors.
  3. The network may not be used for hacking or cracking purposes or in any way to gain access to another user’s computer and/or distribute personal information such as phone numbers, addresses, etc. This also applies to users who violate the trust of another user by posting their personal information in public channels.

IV. Advertising

  1. Commercial advertising may only be allowed on pre-approval of the network staff.
  2. Do not excessively spam personal links such as websites, email addresses, or FTP or IRC servers. However, posting websites and your OWN email address within your personal channel is allowed – spamming of other IRC networks is NOT!
  3. If you wish to paste links in another user’s channel it is courteous to ask first, unless you have already been given permission or someone has asked you for the information. Remember, you are in no way obliged to give out any of this information.

V. Children and minors

  1. iPocalypse will take every necessary step to protect minors from being exploited online. You must be at least 14 years of age or have parental consent to connect to iPocalypse.
  2. No adult is to have any inappropriate conversations of a sexual nature with a minor at any time, whether it be in a channel or private message.
  3. No adult shall attempt to arrange meet a person under 18 years of age without valid verbal and written parental consent.
  4. No adult shall attempt to send personal items or gifts to persons under 18 years of age or ask any minor for personal information.

VI. Sexual Content

  1. No images may be transmitted that contain obscene or lewd imagery in any public channels where minors may be present. Violating this policy multiple times in multiple channels will result in a ban. Channel owners are responsible for enforcing this policy in their own channels and can face having their channels suspended if widespread violation occurs.
  2. Sharing images in “Adult Only” channels is permitted as long as no minors are ever present and permission is given from the channel owners. It also must be stated that the obscene imagery is not suitable for work to all channel members. “Adult Only” channels must be non-public channels for adults only that are protected with passwords or certain channel modes that prevent the general user population from entering.

VII. Other

  1. Please do not request the staff to interfere in channel affairs. This includes asking us to op/deop/ban/unban somebody from a channel. Channel owners have the right to run their channel(s) however they see fit, and they are free to make decisions regarding status and access levels in their own channels. These decisions should be respected by the channel occupants.
  2. Please don’t ask for an o:line or any kind of status on the network. Acceptance of a staff member is by invitation only.
  3. iPocalypse Staff may not be forcibly removed from any channels at any time. Kicking or banning a Staff Member falls into this category. You have the right to ask an iPocalypse Staff member to leave your channel and Staff will comply if the circumstances are appropriate. No attempt should be made to stop an iPocalypse Staff Member in his line of duty eg. disciplinary actions. The iPocalypse Staff reserve the right to take action when they feel that it is appropriate for them to do so. Intentionally interfering with this will result in disciplinary action being taken against you. This includes, but is not limited to, channel owners, admins, and operators.
  4. Upon connecting, your connection can and will be scanned for insecure proxies and other security risks that may put our users at risk.


We ask you to follow these rules to make the IRC experience a good one for every user. Any breach of these rules will result in action being taken by the Network Staff. The action we take is at our discretion depending on what offense is committed and the seriousness of the offense. We reserve the right to change the rules of the network without notice at any time.



1. Given the nature of IRC, it is impossible for Network Staff to guarantee the following of the rules in every channel or message on the network. Infractions should be reported in #help. Opinions or views are those of the author of the message and do not necessarily reflect the opinions or views of the iPocalypse network. iPocalypse is not responsible for users who violate the rules, nor is iPocalypse or any of its staff members responsible or liable for any harm caused to a person or their computer by such actions of users.

2. Any speech transmitted to the iPocalypse network is subject to logging. Users with individual clients usually will log channels. Users need to understand that what they say can be copied and redistributed by any one on the network.

3. iPocalypse.net and IRC Network are not responsible or liable in any way for any content on the websites that we provide chat services to.


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